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      1. The apex plastic disc (bead partition) has a disc shape, and the disc-shaped arc is matched with the rubber tire, and a plurality of ring protrusions are arranged on the inner side wall of the apex plastic disc (bead partition). The bottom of the shaped partition has a stepped portion...
        Triangle rubber bead
        Non-standard ...
        Bead pad
        Bead spacer
        PP bead plastic plate
        PP impact resistant ...
        Triangular plastic disc
        Triangle rubber bead
        Non-standard ...


        An enterprise focusing on injection molding plastic products, integrating design, mold and system integration.

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          8 hours in place, fast processing

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          Service network one-to-one service

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          Tire factory equipment peripheral hardware, fully equipped


        Monday to Friday 08:30~17:30

        • Contact: Mr. Lu
        • Address: No. 105, Zhaoshi Road, Meili Town, Changshu City
        • Mobile phone:13506249539
        • E-mail:2232220227@qq.com

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